Creative Problem Solving

Training in the creative process provides a common language & approach to innovation.

More Innovative Workplaces

Individuals & teams are coached to develop attitudes & attributes that support an innovative work environment.

We Enable Business "Wins"

We facilitate innovation projects to fill the productivity & new product pipeline & assure success for years to come.

We Are Educators. We Introduce A Process. And It Generates Results.

Creativity has become a loaded word.

It’s mere utterance smacks of the carefree pursuit of the artistic. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, our experience is that, as a force for generating positive change in business, it has few rivals.

Creativity is essential to success.

At Blair Miller Innovation, we believe creativity is about discipline. It is about using the mind in unconventional ways. It is about seizing opportunities. It is about inspiring peers and building highly productive teams. It is about working closely with managers, executives and human resource professionals to customize programs that incorporate training, consulting and facilitation that harness the power of creativity. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a specific process that allows both individuals and teams to embrace change and lead innovation for years to come.