Leadership in the field of innovation

Founded by Blair Miller in 1990, our practice is committed to improving the ability of companies to innovate. To this day we remain on the cutting edge of leveraging creativity to solve problems, maximize business opportunities, and build productive teams. Our teams work closely with Human Resources and Organizational Development departments, or directly with managers and executives, to customize a blend of training, consulting and facilitation that provides the mindset, the toolset and the skill set required to embrace change and lead innovation.

Our leadership in the field of innovation is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that even our competitors use FourSight: The Breakthrough Thinking Profile in their practices. FourSight materials are published by Blair Miller and are the leading diagnostic tools for determining how one’s personal approach to problem solving impacts creative output. Our commitment to scholarship is further demonstrated by client breakthroughs shepherded by associates who hold Master’s degrees or PhDs in the areas of creativity, innovation or change leadership as well as methods and curricula grounded in over 50 years of research.

For all our credentials and achievements, Blair Miller Innovation has but one simple goal: to give organizations the capacity to generate and sustain innovation long after we've gone.

Blair Miller

Blair is the founder and president of Blair Miller Innovation. He has dedicated his career to helping organizations cultivate creative leadership, build teams, and foster innovation. As a guest instructor at graduate business programs, Blair has shared his expertise at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, the University of Chicago, and Emory University.

Blair has coauthored numerous articles and books on creativity, innovation and creative problem solving, including Creativity Unbound, which has been translated into French, Spanish and Japanese. He is publisher of FourSight: The Breakthrough Thinking Profile, a diagnostic tool that has offered thousands of individuals and teams the ability to see how their personal problem solving style affects their creative output. A recognized authority in the field of creativity, Blair is a recipient of the Distinguished Leader Award by the Creative Education Foundation.

Blair's gift for facilitation and teambuilding grew from his early years as a classroom teacher and Outward Bound instructor. Those experiences inspired him to pursue a Master’s of Science degree in Creativity, Innovation and Change Leadership from the State University of New York. Today, the business that bears his name considers both the head and the heart when approaching innovation and the enrichment of both the workplaces and bottom lines of clients. Over the course of more than two decades, Blair has served numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Aegon, Avon, Cadbury Schweppes, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Coca-Cola, Dupont, Deloitte, Kodak, Kraft, MeadWestvaco, NutraSweet, Pfizer and SC Johnson.

When not consulting with clients or delivering programs, Blair is a husband and father who likely can be found at the family’s home in Evanston, Illinois learning creativity concepts from his three kids.