Current Offerings

From entire companies to individual business teams, our workshops teach proven methods that help companies and organizations more effectively rise to challenges and generate successful outcomes.

Innovation 1: Breakthrough Thinker

Duration: Half-day to 2-day workshop
Group Size: Up to 150 people

This highly interactive workshop introduces the mindset, tool set and skill set necessary for innovation to become a reality in the workplace. With the breakthrough thinking process, participants share a language and approach to problem solving that greases the wheels for meaningful collaboration and innovation. The essential skills of deferred and affirmative judgment give everyone an "idea protocol" to foster the development and growth of new ideas and creative solutions. Personal feedback grounded in the FourSight thinking profile helps individuals leverage style differences related to solving problems. Tool cards and a process guide offer a variety of resources to create new options in response to challenges.

Course benefits include:

  • Awareness of thinking style
  • Ability to leverage creative strengths
  • Tools to bolster creative thinking
  • Understanding of how to optimize group creative thinking
  • Enhanced anticipation of creative blocks
  • Greater facility turning problems into opportunities
  • Familiarity with ways to invite new thinking that leads to breakthrough ideas
  • Knowledge of how to deliberately increase your own creativity
Innovation 2: Cultivating Creativity

Duration: 2-3 days
Group Size: Up to 24

How can organizations solve complex challenges that require new thinking? By deliberately applying what research and experience have shown about creative process and creative climate. This two-day program is for individuals, groups, teams and entire divisions within an organization who want to learn how to apply the Creative Problem Solving process. The program is appropriate for anyone in an organization who identifies problems to be solved, assists in generating ideas, or participates in creating or implementing plans of action. This training is designed to be a working session where individuals apply their newly enhanced creativity skills to solve real organizational and personal challenges. Past participants focused on issues ranging from creating breakthrough products to improving manufacturing efficiency. "Graduates" report that this course has resulted in increased efficiency and effectiveness in solving complex challenges and saved millions of dollars.

Course benefits include:

  • Ability to solve costly organizational problems efficiently
  • A common language and process for solving problems that can be shared by individuals, groups and teams
  • Drastic reductions in the time it takes to solve problems and implement solutions
  • Acquisition of the skills needed to fully understand and clarify problems
  • An understanding of how to use the power of the group to create breakthrough ideas and insights
  • Development of skills to get creative ideas fast
  • The ability and skills individuals need to foster a climate for innovation throughout an organization
  • Knowledge of how to help groups move ideas into action and implementation
  • Ability to make meetings more productive
Innovation 3: Leading Innovation

Duration: 2.5 days
Group Size: Up to 24

If innovation is to take root in your organization, people must approach their work in new ways with new expectations. The change must ultimately occur at a personal level, touching attitudes about risk, experimentation, cooperation, innovation and follow-through. This course focuses two-and-a-half days on developing the requisite skills, behaviors and attitudes to drive creativity and innovation forward. By working on interactive challenges that provide opportunities to learn and practice new innovation behaviors, participants emerge from this course as cultivators of creative behavior in themselves and others. The principles covered are reinforced by applying them to real world situations and participants return to work with the belief, knowledge and experience that one person can make a difference.

Course benefits include:

  • A greater sense of responsibility for behavior that enhances innovation
  • Acceptance of mistakes and the ability to leverage lessons learned
  • Cultivation of mature risk-taking
  • Improved leadership and listening skills
  • Acquisition of behaviors directed at constant improvement
  • More frequent interactions based on conscious choice
  • A shift to a win-win mentality
  • Acquisition of the skills and attitudes necessary to shift into your creative zone on demand
  • Ability to gain insights into personal creative strengths and key growth areas
Innovation 4: The Facilitative Leader

Duration: Five+ days (optional one day follow-up)
Group Size: Up to 16

This program is designed for organizations that want to dramatically increase their ability to create ongoing breakthroughs. It is delivered to handpicked leaders in organizations who are familiar with the basics of Creative Problem Solving. During this 5-day course, participants lead Creative Problem Solving sessions that address their organizational challenges and receive personal coaching and feedback. By the end of the program, participants master the creative process to such a degree that they can lead others through it successfully. The result is that organizations have full-time access to in-house Creative Problem Solving facilitators and stronger leaders. "Graduates" of this program have led Creative Problem Solving sessions that have resulted in millions of dollars of financial gains for their organizations.

Course benefits include:

  • Access to facilitators who are comfortable leading groups through the creative process
  • Improved process-consulting skills when working with clients to uncover key goals, objectives and underlying challenges for organizational breakthroughs
  • Ability to effectively choose work groups and teams to get truly breakthrough thinking
  • Increased capacity to use Creative Problem Solving with teams, groups and individuals to resolve major issues
  • Opportunity to hone leadership, teaching, presentation and listening skills
  • Access to effective strategies for meeting management
  • Knowledge of additional creativity techniques to help generate and evaluate ideas efficiently
  • Acquisition of strategies for screening and strengthening potential solutions and creating clear plans for implementation
  • Facility with mapping out problems and pinpointing underlying issues
  • Enhanced ability to model appropriate behavior to foster and nurture a creative climate